More Stuff and Photos too (Not a Blog, Not Really). | — Ken and Vesta —

More Stuff and Photos too (Not a Blog, Not Really).

Ken Douglas and Vesta Irene, Photographers

Usually, when you think about a blog, you think of almost an online daily diary. However, some people blog about politics or weddings or food or photography or hand guns or just about any subject under the sun and below we do some of the same.

Vesta and I write about the weddings, engagements and portraits we’ve done for starters. And my Jujuwalkin’ stories have found a home here. They’re sorta like events in our lives I think are worth noting and I try to make ‘em humorous if I can.

My Death, God and the Devil stories have a home here as well. These are all fiction, Mr. Death, God, the Devil, Santa and Mrs. Claus are not really my daily confidants. Likewise for my Santa stories. And my imaginary wedding stories are just that, imaginary.

And there is my Novel in the Works. This was a Facebook project where I wrote two hundred and fifty words a day for a hundred days. The project is finished, but now I am in the process of turning it into a real novel, wish me luck.

Lastly, there are our Diaries and I suppose this is pretty close to the kind of blog a lot of people write. I do add to it quite a bit and if you read any of it, I hope you enjoy what you read.

And one more thing, we have changed our home page several times, but the first home page I designed has sort of a special place in my heart, so I couldn’t bring myself to exile it to the dustbin of internet history, so I stuck it below the nine bloggy squares below.

So, if you wanna read any of the above blogs, just click on the appropriate square and if for some reason you wanna read our original home page, though I don’t know why you would. It’s here.

Best to you all and thanks in advance for reading.

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